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* Unfortunately this list was not updated in the last few years, and lots of cool things happened

JusticeBox – Video arbitration platform

We set out to replace the age old system of small claims courts and of offline arbitration. We built a modern service that allows people to resolve their differences using a 3-way video conferencing platform in a structured and moderated manner.

Interesting Facts: Flash Media Server / Wowza, streaming , recording, playback, SAAS, video concerning, h.264, echo cancelation, HTTP, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, mobile, iOS, Android, cloud hosting, EC2, S3.

CapAngel – company crowd-funding marketplace

CapAngel is a crowd-funding marketplace for start-ups and other companies. Founders setup company profiles, resumes and the terms of the requested investment. Investors can manage a multi-company investment portfolio, investing small sums in each company and receiving equity in return. We developed unique investment fulfillment mechanisms, both on the legal and financial sides of the business.

Interesting Facts: France, PHP, Ajax, financial algorithms, legal industry, Facebook, LinkedIn, JQuery, CSS.

PlayPit – Hard-core gaming on Facebook

PlayPit was set out to develop 3D, multi-user, social games for the Facebook platform. We developed five advanced Unity 3D games for Facebook as well as a sophisticated content management system for controlling all aspects of the games themselves and of the virtual items sold within the games. All games had social capabilities like sharing, posting, inviting, competing with friends and challenging others. Some of the games had multi-player functionality (users would race against each other in real time, on Facebook). We had developed advanced backend user management, statistics and reporting tools.

Interesting Facts: UK / Worldwide, Unity 3D, multi user server, multi-player, photon, Facebook, social sharing, game mechanics, virtual goods, virtual currency.

BrowserProtect – Anti-hijacking security software

Adware and browser hijacking attempts are on the rise. BrowserProtect is a new breed of security software. Its like an anti-virus but intended to protect your browsers from malicious software that wants to take over your browser’s search engines and home page settings. BrowserProtect runs in the background monitoring your settings and alerts whenever an attempt to change them is made. It uses a central cloud threats repository to recommend actions.

Interesting Facts: Silverlight, OOB, WPF, C++, C#, PHP, low level monitoring.

LicenseQuote – Music Licensing Solutions

A SAAS e-commerce system that empowers music publishers (composer, songwriter, catalog, library) to sell licenses for using their music. The price quote mechanisms include a self-service on-line license calculator (configurable by the publisher) and an on-line, interactive, negotiation system. Once a deal is closed, the system automatically generates a custom licensing agreement for both parties and provides the master files to the buyer. Payments throughout the system are transferred directly from the buyers to sellers’ (publishers’) PayPal account. Several song discovery mechanisms are provided for the buyers. Licensing stores can be embedded on the publisher’s web site.

Interesting Facts: US / Worldwide, C#, .Net, AJAX, XML, JQuery, Cloud storage, PDF, HTML5, Scalability, subscriptions and multiple currencies handling, API.

PickUApp/SocialIdol – Facebook dating with avatars

SocialIdol is a Facebook social application where one designs his/her avatar, dresses it and goes out to meet other people in a pleasant and animated en vir on ament. The application contains a lobby area where people can see others and invite one another on dates. Users can buy virtual goods for Facebook Credits or real money. The platform’s goal system takes the user through various social goals which it needs to accomplish in order to proceed and gain recognition.

Interesting Facts: Flash, Facebook, social, gamification, communications server, Amazon AWS, EC2, S3, security, privacy, billing, character animations.

AppProtect – Anti-piracy protection

A technology start-up company asked us to complement their core skills and build an impressive, web application. The 100% AJAX based control center featured separate administrators and users sections. The user section was used by retail customers in order to register their software products, manage subscriptions, buy more usage time, limit usage hours (parental controls) and review bills. The administration section was used to manage applications, application copies, customers, on-line customer sessions, servers, alerts as well as generate reports and graphs of various data.

Interesting Facts: Israel / Worldwide, Ajax grids, menus, and other components, SQL Server, SSL, high security.

Publisheri – Online book reading experience

Publisheri set out to bring the experience of offline book reading, online. It achieved that goal by designing a beautiful reading environment that mimics and improves on the real world experience with pleasant page flipping animations, book covers, full screen reading mode, multiple books bookshelf, background tunes, and more. An integrated billing system allows authors to monetize their content.

Interesting Facts: Flash, MVC, Facebook, social reading, books, billing, publishing.

Hoolanet – Games Creation, Publishing and Advertising system

We designed and built a system that can be used to create and publish web games using simple asset uploading, drag and drop of components and property editing. The system included a built-in campaign management system for publishing ads to the generated computer games. The system enabled targeted advertising in the game environment. The ads could be in the form of 2D banners, videos or 3D textures. The ads could be targeted to a certain cross–section demographics of the game player population. The system could produce various reports including detailed game usage and ad exposure reports.

Interesting Facts: UK / Worldwide, JavaScript, Ajax, MySQL, JSon, SOA, big data analysis, ad targeting, ad network, scalability, multi-language, load balancing.

SecureTunnel – VPN, Encrypted Tunneling and Personal Firewall

We were posed with the challenge to create an easy to use, automatic and maintenance free SSH Client application. The purpose of this was to provide privacy, anonymity and security to its users. The software would intercept any user application trying to communicate over the Internet (TCP/IP) and it would prompt the user for action. The user could then choose to block the application from communicating (Personal Firewall), to let it communicate unprotected or to tunnel it over SHH (encrypt and protect the traffic – VPN). The application would remember previous user choices and could also get configuration data from a central server. For complete privacy, the application would also tunnel DNS requests which are UDP based. The application was built to have an impressive user interface and was sinkable. The application did not require installation and can run from anywhere including a thumb drive.

Interesting Facts: US / Worldwide, C++, MFC, SSH, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DNS, Protocol Tunneling, LSP, XML, OpenSSL.

Submarine Periscope Simulator

We developed an application prototype to be used for training Navy personnel in the usage and identification of objects through the submarine’s periscope. The application showed an interactive 3D rendering simulation of the sea, vessels and other objects in view as seen through a periscope. Target’s course could be controlled and managed. Intricate sea, wave and weather algorithms were used to mimic real life conditions. The operator could rotate the periscope, zoom-in and out, and get detailed info about any seen target. We also developed several other navy vessel simulation prototypes.

Interesting Facts: Modeling, 3D, Java, C++.

Usenet News Reader

We set out to develop an extremely powerful and feature rich Usenet News Reader that could compete with the best of breed commercial News Readers available. It needed to provide same or better performance for downloading messages and binary attachments from newsgroups. We analyzed the News Readers that were available on the market and concluded that even though some feature rich News Readers were available; most of them lacked the ease of use that could get “Average Joe” user to use them. We designed and built the ultimate client that had a best of breed feature set, coupled with an impressive, intuitive and easy to use user interface. Some of the features implemented: one click file uploads and downloads, automatic splitting, combining, encoding and decoding of files, a multi-threaded architecture, advanced tasks and files management, simple and expert mode user interfaces, skin-able user interface and bandwidth consumption graphing.

Interesting Facts: US / Worldwide, VB, C#, .Net, NNTP protocol, yenc encoding, TCP/IP.

Soccer simulation and match visualization

We’ve perfected a soccer match simulation engine and created a visualization component for viewing the resulting matches. The simulation engine would simulate the second by second gameplay of two soccer teams, considering individual player and team statistics. The actions of each player and the ball were simulated using life-like, state of the art, artificial intelligence algorithms that obey each and every rule of soccer. The resulting game files were highly compressed and could be played back using the visualization component, which turned match viewing into a TV like experience. The players and ball were animated on screen and the match could be paused or fast forwarded.

Interesting Facts: Slovenia / South Africa, C++, AI, Action Script / Flash, profiling, optimizations, compression, algorithms, agents, timing, fuzzy logic.

Wavlinx – A “direct to fan” music service for labels and bands

We set out to develop the ultimate service for independent musicians, music publishers and labels. One could use this system to easily setup web sites for each of their artists, sell CDs, downloadable music, videos, merchandise and performance event tickets. Setting-up and managing an artist web site becomes simple with the built in content management system: select features (blog, news, contact pages, mailing list, reviews section, guest book, photo album, event calendar…), enter data for the selected features, select or upload a skin for the web site and you are done. Selling of merchandise, CDs and downloads was accomplished using the simple inventory management software. One could also setup events and sell electronic tickets for them.

Interesting Facts: US / Worldwide, C#, ASP.Net, AJAX, JavaScript and CSS, XML, MySQL server, Amazon AWS, MP3 / FLAC encoding, Flash / Action Script, SMTP, SSL, PayPal, fulfillment, API.

SoftwaRental – Renting software and paying only for usage

SoftwaRental would let software developers rent out their desktop software products to users. The system would allocate and manage software activation keys, as well as track usage of these keys across all lent out software products. The software publisher would link/combine its product with a small software agent that would enforce the usage of these keys for running the software. Users would be limited to the amount of usage time they purchase and can easily extend and buy more time.

Interesting Facts: Worldwide, ASP.Net, MVC, RPC, AJAX, C++, reporting, SAAS.

BookBug – Time shifted and augmented book reading

The BookBug guys have developed an amazing technology for adding sound effects to books you read, while you read them. Based on their technology, we developed an online application that lets a user record himself/herself reading a book. Then the book recording can be played back with the appropriate sound effects embedded into the recording, in sync with the page and paragraph the user is supposed to be on.

Interesting Facts: Flash Media Server / Wowza, HTTP, Mime, streaming , recording, playback.

Video and Image Processing Filters – for the Zoom media player

Video enthusiasts are constantly looking for better ways to view their video at higher quality. When you try to view high-definition videos on a PC you might run into various performance related problems. In order to achieve greater video playback performance we developed a special video rendering filter that renders the video frames onto a 3D surface, taking advantage of any hardware acceleration available. We also developed various other image processing filters that perform highly efficient color-space conversions and that can display user interface elements in full-screen video display modes.

Interesting Facts: Worldwide, C++, DirectX / Direct3D, Direct Show, Optimizations, pixel level operations.

StorageLocker – Cloud Files Storage

Privacy and security is a top concern for many Internet users these days. We built a virtual file storage locker where a user can safely and securely store his/her files in the cloud. The user can either upload files from his/her computer for backup and safe keeping or side-load files from other sources. Side-loading files is very fast as the files are directly transferred between servers. All files and filenames are encrypted. Privacy is enforced fanatically: No one, including the administrators can know what the user files are and what they contain. Users are allocated bandwidth and storage quotas according to plans. The system is managed using a secure web based management console. The user files are transferred between the client and server in a very efficient manner, using a binary protocol and multi-threading, in order to save on bandwidth usage and shorten transfer times.

Interesting Facts: US company, C#, C++, .Net, cryptography, AES encryption, SHA1/MD5 hashing, Microsoft SQL Server, Load Balancing, shell integration.

Multi-user 3D chat and multi-user pool game

As part of the efforts of establishing a foothold for a new web portal we developed a multi-user, on-line, pool (snooker) game. Any user could login and start playing pool against other users. We went to great lengths in order to get the pool physics simulation to be as realistic as possible and to implement every conceivable feature that a pool enthusiast would look for. Users could chat among themselves, challenge other users for a game, play a practice game or watch other people’s matches. An elaborate user ranking mechanism was in place, practically enforcing fair play among users. We also developed a 3D avatar based, chat application. Users could enter the 3D virtual world, explore and socialize with other users.

Interesting Facts: Israel / Worldwide, Lingo / Shockwave / Director, Action Script / Flash, 2D, 3D graphics, multi user server, multi-user, game design.

News harvesting and web site publishing

A completely autonomous news harvesting and publishing system was developed. A specialized process would harvest news posts, while another multi-threaded process would publish these messages into self-contained web sites or site sections using FTP automation. The pages were published using a user selected template (skin) and user set criteria (which news posts, how and where to publish). The user could set filtering criteria for publishing messages based on word lists, message size and filters. The whole process was automated and the published web sites were updated with new messages every few hours.

Interesting Facts: US / Worldwide, crawling, content spidering, FTP publishing, RSS, website creation, CSS.

Interactive 3D Product Simulations and Tutorials

Sometimes, the best method to present or explain your physical product is by employing a 3D simulation of the real-world product. We’ve built several interactive 3D simulations that presented products and allowed the user to operate them. This technique was further improved to produce a framework for building interactive 3D tutorials, used for instructing technical personnel on how to assemble, maintain and fix complex mechanical products. The step-by-step instructions were accompanied by matching 3D animations which could be viewed from every perceivable angle.

Interesting Facts: Israel / Worldwide, 3D, Action Script / Flash, modeling, texturing, tutorials.

Psychological Profiling System

We were involved in the development of an on-line system designed to profile, compare and diagnose various mental attributes of school children. The system was comprised of a collection of rich multimedia tests which run in a browser. The users take the tests, are rated, and compared to accumulated data of comparable populations. The system is intended to be operated by psychologists and sociologists and it provides them with analytical tools for mind profiling and performance analysis. The system is based on many years of research performed by a neuroscience institute.

Interesting Facts: Cyprus, Multimedia development, PHP, Mambo / Joomla CMS, JavaScript / CSS, MySQL server, PayPal payments processing.

3D Adver-games and other games

We produced a unique and impressive 3D game that was designed to advertise and promote a large hotel chain. We developed an original game concept that would capture the fun and joy of having a vacation at one of these hotels. The game setting was the hotel’s pool area where you (the hero), were responsible for the welfare of the hotel’s guests. Guests would come and go, taking seats by the pool, each presenting their own culinary demands. You would have to collect up to three food items or beverages on your platter, and then go and distribute the correct item to the correct guests. Your success would be measured according to the guests’ satisfaction levels. Except for the hotel chain, the game was co-branded by known beverages and a snacks companies. The game consisted of 10 levels with varying settings, obstacles and difficulties.

Interesting Facts: Israel, character animations, games design, physics, bones system, 3D animation, texturing, 3D lightning, PHP backend.

Cigol/Civer – Software / Hardware integration

We developed software that drives the verification process using a new kind of hardware verification device. We dealt with all aspects of the user interface, data processing algorithms, communication interfaces and hardware integration. We defined an extensible scripting language for hardware engineers to write functions that would control and operate the hardware mechanisms. We optimized the software for extremely high data troughoutput.

Interesting Facts: Israel, Mono project, C#, WPF, VHD, FPGA, SQLite, binary calculations, registers handling, low level packets and messages communication.

PDF Video – generate PDF files that contain live video

It’s sometimes useful to be able to embed a live YouTube or Vimeo stream inside a PDF file. We build an online tool (SAAS) that lets anyone embed videos inside PDF files, thus creating impressive instructional documents.

Interesting Facts: PDF generation, embedded streaming video, PHP.