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25 Jan 2011

Over the past few years, I’ve been working on the development of several Facebook applications/games, working with several Facebook focused companies. Back in October 2010 Facebook launched an initiative entitled “Operation Developer Love”. They planned to improve their responsiveness to newly reported bugs as well as deal with the huge pile of outstanding bug reports. When they launched the program they had 4,514 open bugs in the repository. This week, 3 months later, they have 4,524.
Facebook developer love bugs over time graph

28 Dec 2010

Tweet I’m going to start a series of posts for entrepreneurs about running their business. Here we go… Using this tip and a few others we achieved a 20% (!!!) conversion rate (registered to paying users) on this song licensing service. Start-ups sometimes tend to be caught up with building up buzz, getting traction and with churning out features that they forget one of the most important facts of life: The user is the center of your start-up, it’s all about the user and it will always be about the user. Pleasing the user has many facets; one of them  [ Read More ]