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Posted by edoron | January - 25 - 2011 | 0 Comment

Over the past few years, I’ve been working on the development of several Facebook applications/games, working with several Facebook focused companies. The Facebook Platform is a great and wondrous thing, but Facebook has never been well known for its great developer support. Back in October 2010 Facebook launched an initiative entitled “Operation Developer Love”. The idea was to start treating the Facebook Platform developer community nicer. Practically it was about answering developer posts on the forums and doing a better job in dealing with bug reports. They planned to improve their responsiveness to newly reported bugs as well as deal with the huge pile of outstanding bug reports. When they launched the program they had 4,514 open bugs in the repository. This week, 3 months later, they have 4,524. See the graph below that depicts the number of open bug reports in their repository over the past three months:

Facebook developer love bugs over time graph

Granted that many of these bug reports are so old that they are not relevant any more, but they are old because they haven’t been addressed in a timely fashion. 4500 open bugs is a huge number by any measure, even for Facebook. Originally I wanted to use the graph to estimate when the Facebook team will catch up and go over (not to mention fix) all of the bugs… unfortunately the current trend is upward. The answer at this point in time seems to be: never. I can only hope that the team dealing with this will be beefed up and they’ll manage to get a handle on this.

April 19, 2010