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28 Dec 2010

Tweet I’m going to start a series of posts for entrepreneurs about running their business. Here we go… Using this tip and a few others we achieved a 20% (!!!) conversion rate (registered to paying users) on this song licensing service. Start-ups sometimes tend to be caught up with building up buzz, getting traction and with churning out features that they forget one of the most important facts of life: The user is the center of your start-up, it’s all about the user and it will always be about the user. Pleasing the user has many facets; one of them  [ Read More ]

22 Dec 2010

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by my blog.

I’ve been planning to start a blog for over a year now, but having too much work and giving this a low priority had its toll. Finally I found the time to go ahead and do it, and here we are… you reading this, me planning my next posts…

As a freelance CTO (Chief Technology Officer), I work with many start-up companies and entrepreneurs, spanning many domains and industries. I get to examine and learn interesting new stuff all the time and I’d like to share. I plan to write analysis, tips, insights and pitfalls from my day to day experiences. It should be fun.

I have a lot to say, and if you are interested in my thoughts and knowledge, I suggest you click the subscribe button… thanks!

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